Perimetry is by far my first field of interest, ever since the times of my training as a young ophthalmologist. As a member of the Italian Society of Perimetry [SIPe] and of the International Perimetric Society [IPS], I keep on considering this subject fascinating, even more since the usefulness of the so-called non-conventional perimetric techniques have been investigated in the clinical setting. Here are my studies on the argument, like those on the use of polarized light for the examination of the visual field. I believe it could be a promising way to assess not the visual field damage in its strict sense, but the rate of apoptotic ganglionar degeneration. In 1997 my study titled “Polarized Light Perimetry and glaucoma: possibility of differential sensitivities as a function of the polarization axis” was awarded as the best research at the XXII meeting of the Northwestern Opthalmological Society (SONO).


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