According to Gescheider, psychophysics is “the scientific study of the relation between stimulus and sensation” or, as claimed by Bruce, Green and Georgeson “the analysis of perceptual processes by studying the effect on a subject’s experience or behavior of systematically varying the properties of a stimulus along one or more physical dimensions”. Visual psychophysics in particular deals with visual perception, and it can be regarded as a part of experimental ophthalmology. It aims at measuring the visual threshold  for a great deal of different stimuli, related both to visual functions normally investigated in clinical practice as visual acuity, differential light sensitivity across the visual field or contrast sensitivity as well as for a variety of “non-conventional” tasks, actually not included in the ophthalmological practice but which could be used in the next future to improve early diagnosis of many neuro-ophthalmological diseases. In this field of investigation, I have been dealing for some years especially with spatial relationship perception.

Since 2013 I teach Psychophysics of Vision at the University of Turin.


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