Papilloedema and related pathologies.

Papilledema e patologie correlate.

Carlo Aleci.

II Interdisciplinary Symposium AINAT: “Multidisciplinary approach of neuro-ophthalmological pathologies: from clinics, to diagnosis, to therapy”, Turin, Italy, March, 23rd, 2013.


Papilloedema or "chocked disc", refers to a condition characterised by bilateral swelling and protrusion of the optic disc on the retina due to increased intracranial pressure.  It is often confused with the edema of the optic disc, even if the aetiology and anatomopathological charachteristics  of the two clinical conditions are different. 


Papilledema o “chocked disc”, si riferisce ad una condizione caratterizzata da rigonfiamento bilateral e protrusion del disco ottico sulla retina per aumento della pressione intracranica. Il papilledema è spesso confuso con l’edema della papilla, sebbene l’eziologia e le caratteristiche anatomopatologiche delle due condizioni cliniche siano differenti. 



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