Detection of Visual Field Loss Progression in Glaucoma. An Overview and Food for Thought.

Carlo Aleci, MD, Ph.D


 Ophthalmology Research: an International Journal, 13(1):16-24, 2020.


The damage to the visual field is the main outcome of glaucoma. Basically, there are two different approaches to establish the rate of the functional loss in this clinical condition: event-based analysis and trend-based analysis. The event-based analysis, that relies on the occurrence of preestablished events to detect the progression of the visual field damage, cannot quantify the decay rate of sensitivity. In turn, the trend-based analysis, that aims to measure the rate of progression according to linear regression models, requires a long follow-up. Despite considerable effort, there is still no consensus on the optimal procedure, and a gold standard is still missing. This paper provides a quick overview of the topic as a tribute to the researchers engaged in this field.


Keywords: Glaucoma; visual field; perimetry; progression; AGIS; CTGS; GSS; point-wise regression.

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